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The new operating system for financial markets is open-source.
The industry is collaborating on Rosetta to build shared standards
for mission-critical business processes.

by the community

Accelerate your own projects by leveraging years of community investment into open-source, battle-tested industry models. Keep in sync with the latest model versions by design, no need to maintain that on your end.

Collaborate on shared
industry models

Some of the most complex industry processes are bi- or even multi-lateral. Rosetta enables native inter-operability between data users sitting across enterprise boundaries, by aligning their process implementation through shared code.

How industry associations use Rosetta

Standardisation is the cornerstone of the digitisation of financial markets. Global trade associations and standard-setting organisations use Rosetta to build a "Common Domain Model" (CDM) and deliver a digital future for their market.

Derivatives (ISDA) Securities Financing (ISLA) Bond and Repo (ICMA)

How technology providers use Rosetta

New technology, from cloud to distributed ledger to machine learning, are re-defining how financial markets operate. Technology providers, large and small, leverage Rosetta's executable code distribution to accelerate their time-to-market.

Axoni (Ethereum) Fragmos (Corda) ISDA Create

How financial institutions use Rosetta

Whether for clearing, trade lifecycle management, collateral management or reporting, Rosetta helps financial institutions re-engineer their post-trade business processes.

Post-trade processing Regulatory reporting

How regulators use Rosetta

Rosetta is at the forefront of the digitisation of the financial regulatory framework, helping regulators around the globe transform their data collection process through "machine-executable regulation" or "rules-as-code".

Machine-executable regulation Data Modelling

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