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Generic run-time execution engine for all your models

Executable data pipelines, instantly.

Deliver at warp speed

From business logic to
live applications and services

Modelling your business data and business logic is good. Transforming them into executable business processes is even better.

Rosetta Engine completes your model development with a high-performance, distributed run-time facility, that transforms any model into a physically executable data pipeline, instantly.

Focus on
working pipelines,
not code

Deliver complete libraries, binaries and APIs without writing any line of code. Just focus on modelling your business logic, Rosetta handles the rest. Executable code is automatically generated, compiled, tested and deployed, ready for use.

across technologies

Deploy on-cloud or on-prem, distributed or not, on-chain or off-chain. Your pipeline is truly platform-agnostic. Code generators are already built for many modern software languages. And if yours isn’t there, go for it – they're all open source.

Become a
test-driven champion

Rosetta Engine lets you embed continuous test-driven practices in your model development. Control test scenarios while developing your model to get live feedback: Rosetta Engine executes your data pipelines in real-time.

The Rosetta Engine difference

Generic run-time
execution engine

From business logic to executable data pipelines, instantly. Deliver live model-based applications and services at warp speed.

Instantly executable

Go beyond diagrams and flowcharts.
Build data pipelines that are
immediately operational

Infinitely scalable

Whether you want to process
1 transaction or 10 million, the service
scales to your need

For all and any technology

With a comprehensive set of
deployment options and languages
Rosetta is radically universal

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