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Audit and trace physical data flow through your pipelines

Pipeline transparency. At your fingertips.

Put your teams back in control

Data pipeline auditability,
and traceability, in real-time

With 100,000s of transactions to manage every day, you run some of the world's most complex and heavily regulated business processes.

You need more than just a series of checks. You need continuous, end-to-end explicability of your data pipelines, down to single transaction flow visualisation, live and at any point in time.

No more black box. Rosetta Monitor is the ultimate transparency tool for your data pipelines.

Trace your data,
end to end

Rosetta Monitor provides total control of your data pipelines with end-to-end data traceability, from source to output. Know your data, where they come from and where they're going, continuously and down to single transaction flow.

Reclaim control
as self-service

Empower your operational teams with transparency over their most complex processes thanks to self-service auditability. Data pipelines are fully explicable, so they never require any actual audit: all the logic is at your fingertips.

The Rosetta Monitor difference

Audit and trace your
physical data flow

Put your operational teams back in control with real-time auditability and traceability of their data pipelines.

End to end transparency

The only solution that guarantees
full data pipeline traceability
from source to output

Dynamic and interactive

Empower your users with
cloud-native technology
built for live use

Designed for collaboration

Align your organisation
through shared control of
front-to-back processes

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