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Open Source

Rosetta is a community driven platform anchored in
open source principles

A bit of history...

The Rosetta Platform has been developed by technology firm REGnosys, with an initial focus on the financial markets' industry.

The platform brings radical operational efficiency through standardisation, by enabling market participants to define processing standards in digital form (i.e. as "models") and to share them.

What is a Domain Model

The Rosetta Platform is based on a Domain Specific Language called the Rosetta DSL, that is simple and intuitive to use in a wide range of modelling applications.

Read the Rosetta DSL docs

The Rosetta DSL was released in open source in 2019, together with a first live model of the financial markets' transaction lifecycle applied to derivatives: the ISDA Common Domain Model.

Read the CDM docs

Platform components

Putting open source
at the core

The Rosetta Platform comprises three
types of components:

  • Rosetta DSL

    Open source components

  • Projects

    Model components

  • Rosetta Products

    Application components

Diagram representing the structure of the Rosetta Platform

For the open source fanatics

The Rosetta DSL has been purposefully designed for techno-neutrality

It is based on the open source and widely adopted Eclipse Modelling Framework (EMF), that uses "Ecore" as meta-model. This ensures that any model can be represented as an Ecore. Ecore is the de facto reference implementation of the Meta Object Facility from the Object Management Group (OMG)

Plainly, it means that a model developed using Rosetta is expressed into a format that is independent of the Rosetta DSL itself, openly available, widely used and supported by standard-setting bodies.

Read about EMF and Ecore

Rosetta DSL

The Rosetta DSL is an open-source project initially developed by REGnosys.

REGnosys welcomes outside contributions that help keep it technology- and platform-agnostic. Code generators in several programming languages have already been contributed by the user community.


Model components are organised into "projects" in a source-control repository.

Some projects are openly available on the platform, under license terms and a governance framework that reflect how their owners wish to control their distribution and contribution. Users can create new projects, choose how they share them, and contribute to existing ones if they have permission.

Rosetta Products

The Rosetta Products are connected to the source-control repository holding all the model components.

The Rosetta Products provide a complete model development kit allowing users to view or edit existing projects, create new ones, or use the models to develop new applications and services.

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