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The Rosetta


Complete data pipeline modelling platform

Transparency as a service.

Complete modelling platform

For your data pipelines' entire lifecycle

The Rosetta Platform lets you manage the entire development lifecycle of your data pipelines, from design to deployment and monitoring.

The Rosetta Platform difference

Leveraging the power of the Rosetta DSL

The Rosetta DSL is an open-source, Domain Specific Language that abstracts away all the technical implementation noise of your data pipelines, so you can focus on modelling your business logic.

executable processes

The Rosetta DSL fully automates the generation of executable code from your models and can even package it as API. Go beyond diagrams and flowcharts. Build data pipelines that are immediately operational, straight through from model to deployable software.

For all
and any technology

The Rosetta DSL is designed to adapt to your tech stack, not the other way around. Deploy on-cloud or on-prem, distributed or not, on-chain or off-chain: your pipeline is truly platform-agnostic. Code generators are already built for many modern software languages. And if yours isn’t there, go for it – they’re all open source.

and interactive

Rosetta is based on cloud-native technology and is built around users. Empower your operational teams with live, continuous and end-to-end transparency over their most complex processes. Data pipelines become fully explicable and traceable from source to output, with all the logic at their fingertips.

Easy and fast

No more painful integration and upgrades. Rosetta is no-install, web-based solution to develop consistent application- and technology-agnostic data pipeline models. Set-up new integration interfaces with your systems and manage on-going changes at a fraction of their usual time and cost, with a comprehensive self-service solution.

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