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End-to-end automation of your model supply chain

Test, release, distribute. Continuously

Agile everywhere​

Continuous model delivery​
across your tech stack

With model-driven development practices embedded in your software development process, you need to streamline the distribution of model code into the rest of your tech stack.​​

Rosetta Deploy orchestrates the various processes required to test, build, release, distribute and deploy any model to its consumers, keeping your model supply chain flowing continuously.

Deploy models
at warp speed

Rosetta Deploy allows you to release and deploy models continuously with a fully automated model supply chain. Test, build, release, distribute and deploy, without interruption in your flow.


You're in control: you define your build tests, Rosetta Deploy runs them at every step of the way, from source code to deployment. Ship business-critical models across your organisation, fearlessly.

The Rosetta Deploy difference

End-to-end model
supply chain automation

Keep as agile in your model development process as you are across the rest of your software delivery​

End to end automation

All your build processes​ from
testing to releasing and deploying,
consistently orchestrated

Test-driven by design

Define, run and distribute​
all your tests within your model to
scale its development

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