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Online model development tool for the Rosetta DSL

Model your data. Unlock their value.

Unlock the power of your business data

A complete modelling solution
that transcends enterprise silos

You sit on loads of data, whose value is trapped within the silos of your enterprise applications if those silos cannot talk to each other.​​

Rosetta Design is a no-install, web-based solution to develop consistent application- and technology-agnostic models for business data and business logic.​​

Rosetta Design is based on an open source, Domain Specific Language called the Rosetta DSL, that is simple and intuitive to use in a wide range of modelling applications.

anything you can imagine

Rosetta Design's comprehensive modelling language lets you define all your business data and business logic in one place, in a technology- and application-agnostic way.

Become a
data-centric organisation

Rosetta Design's intuitive modelling interface enables all your functional units to "talk data". Resolve your organisation's data governance challenges by ensuring a common understanding between producers and consumers of data.

Collaborate on
shared industry models

Some of the most complex industry processes are bi- or even multi-lateral. Rosetta Design enables native inter-operability between data users sitting across enterprise boundaries, by aligning their process implementation through shared code.

The Rosetta Design difference

Online model
development tool

Unlock the power of your business data, with a complete modelling solution that transcends enterprise silos.​

Go fast

No-install, web based application.
Just open a browser and
be ready to roll in seconds

Dynamic and interactive

Empower your users
with cloud-native technology
built for live use

Built for the community

Anchored in open-source
principles and designed to foster
industry collaboration

Ready to roll?

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