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Ingest +

Single-point, universal integration API for all your enterprise data

Effortless data integration.

Integration as a service​

Focus on building new solutions,​
not integrating them

Connecting legacy systems to new data models is usually thankless: error-prone, high-maintenance, and plain boring.

Rosetta Ingest streamlines your integration effort with a universal API to ingest and normalise any of your enterprise data. Rosetta Translate keeps you in control of your mapping layer through a visual interface, enabling Rosetta to talk the language of your existing systems, databases and messaging formats.

Free up
your dev team

Set-up new integration interfaces at a fraction of their usual time and cost. Manage on-going changes with a test-driven solution. Rosetta Ingest + Translate is a comprehensive self-service solution for all your data integration.

Rule them all with
one API

Rosetta Ingest is designed to talk the language of your existing systems, not the other way around. Ingest and normalise any of your enterprise data with Rosetta Ingest's universal API.

all your mappings

Unthink connectors buried deep into obscure code libraries, and embrace visual control of your "translation dictionary". Rosetta Translate's unique integration layer exposes all data mappings to data users, transparently.

The Rosetta Ingest + Translate difference​

Single-point, universal integration API

Free-up your dev team with Rosetta's integration-as-a-service solution. Focus on building new solutions, not integrating them.​

Go fast

Don't waste time or money
on​ ad-hoc integration, use an
off-the-shelves, universal API​

Integration as a service

Empower your users with
a cloud-native integration solution
built for agile use​

Infinitely scalable

Whether you want to ingest
1 transaction or 10 million, the service
scales to your need

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